ya were done

soooo, me and katie are pretty much done with this blog. hope you enjoyed it, but were done.  ya.  😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 tear.


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two words. STAR TREK. that’s all i need to say.

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Sorry I haven’t added anything in a while. I’ve been busy editing the movie that we made. Let me tell you about my day yesterday. I woke up and it was beautiful out side. It was warm, the sun was out, the birds were singing, I was able to wear shorts, flip flops, and a short sleeve shirt, and I was happy. I went to my friends house (without a jacket) and we walked to the elementary school near by. The high for the day was 63 degrees.  As we were walking it started to get colder. We didn’t think much of it cause we were still so happy about the warm weather. We went to the school and played on the tire swing for a while and had a great time with some sand. (sorry ella I just had to) As we were walking back it started to get really cold. I was wearing shorts and didn’t have a jacket so I was freezing. Later that night I was at a sleepover and it was snowing! DURING SPRING BREAK! Ugh. Now we are expected to get 4-6 inches of snow and the high is 33. It went from 63 to 33 in a day. I hate weather.

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Videos are hard.

videos are really hard to make! kendra,shanni,me,and katie were making one called “being spontaneous”, its super cool but super lame at the same time. naw, jk its really cool. once we get it up on youtube we’ll put it on the blog 4 u guys to watch!

ps: kendra’s sister hit a car, but she thought it was one of those grocery cart holders. some skank wrote down there license plate number and called the police. kendra’s going to juvie.

pps: im getting married to: kendra, jim from the office, shannon, katie,dwight from the office,rupert grint, carolyn (katie’s sister) and molly…maybe.

LOTS O’ LOVE! ella

(happy st. pattys day!) ;P

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Messed Up Dude

I just had a very minor freakout. I was just on my computer when I realised that it was almost midnight and I still hadn’t done the joke of the day!! The HORROR! I very quickly got onto the blog site and started a new post but it would not cooperate. I started to type a very very lame joke when I saw that it said the draft had been saved at 10:59:20. Apperently word press is not on daylight savings time yet! I was saved!! I got the joke posted in time and I was able to post this. Life is good. 🙂

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Why was 6 afraid of 7. because 7 8 9. 8=ate.

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so as katie mentioned in one of her posts, this friday was spent doing really fun stuff/for our friend shannon. one of the things we did was to go to Jason’s Deli.  Molly, her boyfriend Anish, Shannon, her boyfriend Zach, kendra, katie, cassandra and me were all there.  i sat next to Molly, who sat next to Anish and it was so FUNNY!  molly spilled coke all over her pants and it looked like she peed herself! cliche, i know, but it was still hillarious! Anish acted like he didn’t notice and didn’t make a big deal out of it, but he was laughing inside… i could tell. ohhhhhhhh awkward teenage romances……..glad i’m not in one.

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